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Hello and thanks for visiting my website! Here you can read my short stories. order my book “Annie Lynne and Jackie Lee”.

I believe there is a victory in all things and I truly hope you find joy in my writing.

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Annie Lynne and Jackie Lee I Help You and You Help Me.

Hi! My name is Annie Lynne, and this is Jackie Lee. She is my best friend and is difference from me. Her eyes are brown and her hair is curly.

I have a purple bike, and Jackie’s is blue. We ride our bikes differently too!

As a preschool teacher, I believe this book is a great tool in helping children understand that differences make eachother stronger. I love the subtle way in which Lynne Martin Urban teaches how differences create acceptance, balanced & strong friendships.

– Wendy Bell
Owner of Bright Beginnings Preschool

Meet Lynne

Lynne is the author of over 20 short stories and a childrens book Annie Lynne and Jackie Lee I help you and you help me.